Physical Rehabilitation

physical Rehabilitation massage treatment

A significant amount of chronic pain syndromes stem from an imbalance in the muscles. The primary responsibilities of these muscles are to hold the skeleton together. These muscles can either be over firing or not firing enough (weak). Either way, this puts undo stress on that particular joint, which can lead to pain. You may even be able to see this in action by looking at yourself in the mirror. Is one shoulder higher than the other? Does your head appear to protrude in front of your shoulders? These are just a few examples of bad posture.

At Pittsburgh Physical Medicine and Chiropractic, you will be fully assessed on posture, and you will be given a customized prescription on how to correct it with exercises and soft tissue work. Have you recently received a Physical Rehabilitation script for a torn ligament? Have you just had a surgery? We can help. PPMC specializes in treating athletic injuries and work-related injuries. Everyone has the same goal: Get back to your game as quickly, and securely, as possible. At Pittsburgh Physical Medicine and Chiropractic, we make that happen. Now it's your turn. Want to get back in the game? Give us a call at 412.404.8337 and start your one-on-one rehabilitation.

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