Doctor and Events/Promotions Coordinator Attend CBA Seminar

March 19, 2015

On March 19, Dr. Foltz and Michelle Emanuele, Events and Promotions Coordinator, made the five-hour drive to Philadelphia for the Chiropractic Business Academy seminar.

Since Pittsburgh Physical Medicine and Chiropractic is the new “kid on the block” in Shadyside, Dr. Foltz is making it a top priority to learn as much as he can to have the best practice in the Pittsburgh area.

He already has the chic studio, which is fully equipped with adjusting tables, massage room, rehab room with vibration plate, and more, but now he is focusing on spreading knowledge and helping the surrounding community. Emanuele's role is to do just that: focus on going out into the community and shouting it to the clouds that Dr. Foltz is ready to improve everyone's overall health.

The Chiropractic Business Academy (CBA) conference zoned into Emanuele's skills and improved them. Through role play exercises, one-on-one advising appointments, website consulting and more, Dr. Foltz helped Emanuele grow in confidence.

outside of Pittsburgh Physical Medicine and Chiropractic building