About Dr. Justin Foltz

Dr. Justin Foltz grew up in DuBois, Pennsylvania, where he was heavily involved in athletics. Since the age of 14, Dr. Foltz has been passionate about exercise and infatuated with the way it improves the way you look and feel. Growing up, he suffered with a weight problem, which he contributes to a very poor diet. His transformation started when his parents told him to keep himself occupied after school until they could pick him up. Given that golden opportunity, instead of horsing around with friends, he decided to join the local YMCA and start lifting weights to improve his athletic abilities. Since then, he has not looked back. He went on to win multiple High School Powerlifting competitions and finished half marathons with a personal best of 1:30. Following his dreams, he went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from the prestigious University of Pittsburgh.

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Pittsburgh Physical Medicine and Chiropractic staff

While studying at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Foltz spent his free time working as part of the University Fitness Staff. He excelled at helping fellow students, athletes, and faculty in achieving the level of health and optimal performance they have always dreamed of, utilizing natural health solutions. He fell even further in love with the human body and learning precisely how it works. However, he did not have the formal education of knowing how to fix the human body when it was seriously injured! Realizing his passion and skills, he decided to further enhance his education by enrolling in the Chiropractic Program at the Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida. Since then, his mission has been to help as many people as possible in changing their lives for the better, and to help them begin "living" again!

Education & Training

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